perk perk [pɜːk ǁ pɜːrk] noun [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
something in addition to money that you get for doing your job, such as a car:

• bonuses, housing allowances and other perks

• Employees must pay tax on anything regarded as a perk.

exˌecutive ˈperk HUMAN RESOURCES
something that an executive gets in addition to their salary, for example extra money based on company profits, the right to buy company shares cheaply, or the use of an expensive car:

• In most firms, top management incentives are thinly disguised executive perks.

* * *

perk UK US /pɜːk/ noun [C]
(ALSO FORMAL perquisite) HR an advantage or extra thing, such as money or goods, which you are given for doing your job: »

The best perk is a gorgeous, palatial office inside London's most desirable office building.


The travelling is definitely a perk of the job for me.

See also EXECUTIVE PERK(Cf. ↑executive perk)

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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